YMCA Bangalore Task Groups

Serving the Abused Demoralized & Women Issues

Dr. P. Sethu, Chairman
Daniel Rathnakar. J, Related Secretary
The YMCA Bangalore is continuing its effect to serve the poor and the disadvantaged people of our society. The Task Group SADWI’ carries the responsibility of catering to the needs of innumerable children and women who need a helping hand. The Home for the Street Children provides shelter, food and education, for the children and health care and welfare for women and children in the slums. The Vocational Training Centre provides training and empowerment for the older boys.
Save Bangalore Movement- Environment Group
and Youth Issues

Prof. Pramodini Narendranath, Chairperson
D.Arun Ravindra Kumar Karodi, Related Secretary
The City of Bangalore has emerged to be one of the major Metropolitan cities of the world with developments happening in all sectors of life. With the development the ecology and environment issue beckons major concern in light of de-forestation, pollution and depletion of natural resources. The Task Group on Ecology and Environment continues its struggle to create awareness among children particularly and people at large in the city of Bangalore with an appeal to ‘Save Bangalore’.



Human Resource Development

Alfred Martin, Chairman
Dr.M.Antony Isaac, Associate General Secretary

The YMCA Human Resource is one of the most important life resources that any country would depend on, the most. It has become a major challenge for the developing countries to identify and nurture this God given resource for developments and progress of the countries in the world. Helping people to understand their hidden potentials and nurture their abilities to excel to become more productive and contribute positively towards the society’s welfare is a focus of the Human Resources.

YMCA Centre fot Education and Skill Development

Prof. Pramodini Narendranath, Chairperson
Sunil J. King, Vice Chairman
John J. Kennedy, Programme Secretary

YMCA Rural center and the task group on Rural Development continue to address the issues in the rural areas. As rural development is a comprehensive subject, which involves several disciplines, we have taken up specific areas like computer education, vocational skill training, youth empowerment and community health as important areas of action. Despite the information and other technological development, poverty of the rural masses is on the increase.